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The Tale of the Free Sheep



The first herd of Free Sheep first arrived in the Cape of Good Hope on the 21st of February 1657. Their main purpose was to supply the Dutch East India Company of fresh produce as independent providers. The herd was of Dutch, English, German and Norwegian descent ­all hoping to start a new and freer life at the tip of Africa.

Over the years the herd grew and they expanded into the vast terrain known to the indigenous two-legged Khoi-San as ‘the place of thirst’ or as we know it today – the Karoo. The grassy pastures they had once known and loved were scarce and so they were compelled to add the Karoo-bossie to their daily nutrition. The bossies were everywhere, but it tasted well of bossie, nothing like the long sweet grass they once knew and loved.

The two-legged beings that watched over them started talking about their unique taste and attributed it to the bossies they were forced to chew on. But in truth they longed for the grassy meadows their ancestors had told them about. And so one day the once Free Sheep set out to seek greener pastured. They crossed many mountains and rivers before they found the green fields that they had dreamt about for so many years, and subsequently in memory of those first brave sheep that crossed the treacherous seas in search of a free world they called their new home the Free State.

Here at Country Meat we aim to bring you the freshest and ‘freest’ of mutton we can find at the best price. This month two-legged beings can buy whole lamb at R89.95 per kg and half a lamb at R94,95. Tell us how you would like it cut up and we’ll have it ready for you to collect.

*Note: If you didn’t find our story of how sheep found their way to the Free State amusing, try pressing your tongue against your cheek and reading it again. We don’t have anything against Karoo lamb, we just tend to think the sheep prefer it in the Free State.