Our meat

Our Bonsmara cattle typically spend 70% of their lives on the veld. Thereafter, they are moved to our feedlot where they receive a nutritionally balanced diet. We are in complete control of the quality of grain, hay and vitamins that our animals eat and we can proudly vouch for the fact that there are no animal by-products in our meat.

We are proud of the fact that we feed our livestock grain. For one, it sustains the grass in the veld, thereby maintaining the eco-system of our farm. And secondly, grain improves meat quality.

What exactly happens to our livestock between the farm and your plate?


From the farm, our livestock goes to our state-of-the-art Country Meat Abattoir, just down the road in Kroonstad.

Here, under the very strictest health, safety and quality control measures, our livestock becomes meat. We take hygiene, safety and best practice very seriously – and testament to this is the fact that we are an FSSC22000 accredited value chain.


Our deboning plant is adjacent to our abattoir on the same premises, so our meat is not compromised in any way. We’re acutely aware of the affect that time, temperature and handling has on our meat and so our processes are precise.

What comes out of the deboning plant is high quality portioned meat (sirloins, rumps, roasts, ribs, chops, shank etc.) with a significantly higher value than it originally had. From there it is ready to be delivered to our stores and to our clients in the hotel, restaurant and catering industries.

To find out how Country Meat can add value to your business by becoming your meat provider, drop us a mail: info@cmeat.co.za


Transported in our own Country Meat trucks, by our own Country Meat drivers, some of our meat then makes the short journey from Kroonstad to our Johannesburg stores. Of course, our stores only stock Country Meat but we don’t only deliver to ourselves. We have a national network of customers and they all get their orders of Country Meat delivered to them direct from our abattoir and deboning plant.